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UMKC Basketball
UMKC Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 27, 2015)
All Games
OpponentDateScorePointsReboundsAssistsStealsBlocked Shots
at Missouri11/14/1469-61(26)Martez Harrison(8)Broderick Newbill(3)Martez Harrison(3)Martez Harrison(1)Shayok Shayok
at K-State11/17/1473-83(21)Martez Harrison(5)Frank Williams(5)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(1)Collin Jennings
(2)Deshon Taylor(1)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Thaddeus Smith
MISSOURI S&T11/19/1490-77(14)Broderick Newbill(9)Shayok Shayok(11)Martez Harrison(4)Martez Harrison(4)Thaddeus Smith
at UALR11/22/1468-73(15)Martez Harrison(11)Shayok Shayok(3)Deshon Taylor(2)Reese Holliday(1)Thaddeus Smith
(15)Frank Williams(3)Martez Harrison(1)Shayok Shayok
(1)Darius Austin
vs Samford11/23/1455-64(17)Martez Harrison(9)Shayok Shayok(5)Martez Harrison(3)Noah Knight(1)Shayok Shayok
(1)Broderick Newbill
at Youngstown State11/26/1463-66(20)Martez Harrison(8)Reese Holliday(3)Reese Holliday(4)Martez Harrison(1)Isaac Kreuer
(8)Shayok Shayok(1)Thaddeus Smith
WILLIAM JEWELL11/29/1484-44(16)Martez Harrison(5)Noah Knight(5)Martez Harrison(5)Martez Harrison(2)Darius Austin
(5)Broderick Newbill
at Milwaukee12/01/1456-65(14)Martez Harrison(7)Reese Holliday(3)Martez Harrison(4)Noah Knight(1)Thaddeus Smith
(7)Shayok Shayok(1)Shayok Shayok
(1)Darius Austin
at South Dakota State12/06/1461-81(12)Martez Harrison(5)Thaddeus Smith(2)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(3)Thaddeus Smith
(5)Darius Austin(2)Kevin Franceschi
at Iowa State12/09/1456-73(14)Frank Williams(6)Darius Austin(3)Noah Knight(2)Frank Williams(1)Broderick Newbill
NEB.-OMAHA12/13/1479-72(25)Martez Harrison(8)Darius Austin(6)Martez Harrison(3)Darius Austin(2)Thaddeus Smith
(3)Frank Williams
(3)Martez Harrison
(3)Broderick Newbill
UNIVERSITY OF THE INCARNATE WORD12/20/14104-110(17)Martez Harrison(9)Thaddeus Smith(5)Reese Holliday(4)Martez Harrison(1)Frank Williams
(1)Reese Holliday
(1)Darius Austin
TENNESSEE TECH12/22/1460-81(16)Martez Harrison(4)Broderick Newbill(3)Martez Harrison(2)Frank Williams(1)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Reese Holliday(1)Darius Austin
(1)Broderick Newbill
at Indiana State12/28/1473-70(34)Martez Harrison(13)Darius Austin(8)Martez Harrison(3)Darius Austin(7)Thaddeus Smith
at Canisius12/30/1455-67(23)Martez Harrison(9)Darius Austin(3)Darius Austin(3)Thaddeus Smith(2)Darius Austin
at Miami University01/03/1561-66(14)Reese Holliday(12)Darius Austin(4)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(1)Thaddeus Smith
(4)Collin Jennings
SOUTH CAROLINA UPSTATE01/06/1549-61(15)Frank Williams(9)Reese Holliday(3)Reese Holliday(1)Darius Austin(2)Thaddeus Smith
(3)Frank Williams(1)Deshon Taylor
(3)Deshon Taylor(1)Martez Harrison
(1)Broderick Newbill
(1)Ramon Rivas
at New Mexico State01/10/1545-63(12)Martez Harrison(5)Darius Austin(2)Deshon Taylor(1)Frank WilliamsNone
(1)Kevin Franceschi
CHICAGO STATE01/17/1564-62(24)Martez Harrison(7)Reese Holliday(3)Noah Knight(2)Deshon Taylor(2)Isaac Kreuer
(3)Deshon Taylor(2)Noah Knight
CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD01/22/1566-63(17)Martez Harrison(6)Darius Austin(3)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(3)Darius Austin
(6)Reese Holliday(3)Noah Knight
(3)Deshon Taylor
SEATTLE UNIVERSITY01/24/1575-55(23)Martez Harrison(6)Isaac Kreuer(5)Martez Harrison(3)Martez Harrison(2)Isaac Kreuer
(5)Frank Williams(3)Frank Williams
at Grand Canyon University01/29/1557-78(13)Martez Harrison(6)Darius Austin(3)Frank Williams(2)Reese Holliday(3)Darius Austin
at Utah Valley01/31/1566-59(17)Reese Holliday(6)Reese Holliday(7)Martez Harrison(2)Reese Holliday(2)Broderick Newbill
(17)Martez Harrison(2)Thaddeus Smith(2)Darius Austin
(2)Noah Knight
TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN02/05/1570-45(20)Martez Harrison(5)Collin Jennings(6)Martez Harrison(3)Martez Harrison(2)Darius Austin
(5)Broderick Newbill
(5)Reese Holliday
NEW MEXICO STATE02/07/1563-77(19)Martez Harrison(3)Frank Williams(5)Martez Harrison(1)Thaddeus Smith(2)Thaddeus Smith
(3)Isaac Kreuer(1)Reese Holliday
(1)Deshon Taylor
(1)Broderick Newbill
at Chicago State02/14/1561-50(19)Reese Holliday(6)Deshon Taylor(3)Martez Harrison(2)Collin Jennings(4)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Martez Harrison
at Seattle University02/18/1556-74(17)Reese Holliday(7)Thaddeus Smith(3)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(2)Frank Williams
(3)Frank Williams(2)Collin Jennings
OpponentDateScorePointsReboundsAssistsStealsBlocked Shots
at Cal State Bakersfield02/21/1562-64(28)Martez Harrison(8)Thaddeus Smith(5)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(5)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Thaddeus Smith
UTAH VALLEY02/26/1569-50(16)Reese Holliday(9)Thaddeus Smith(5)Martez Harrison(4)Martez Harrison(1)Thaddeus Smith
(1)Darius Austin
GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY02/28/1570-65(24)Reese Holliday(9)Thaddeus Smith(3)Martez Harrison(3)Martez Harrison(1)Thaddeus Smith
at Texas-Pan American03/07/1551-53(16)Martez Harrison(7)Thaddeus Smith(2)Martez Harrison(3)Noah Knight(2)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Frank Williams
vs Texas-Pan American03/12/1570-61(18)Reese Holliday(9)Frank Williams(6)Martez Harrison(2)Reese Holliday(1)Frank Williams
(1)Darius Austin
vs Seattle University03/13/1563-69(16)Deshon Taylor(5)Reese Holliday(4)Martez Harrison(2)Martez Harrison(2)Thaddeus Smith
(2)Frank Williams
(2)Noah Knight
Team High/Low Analysis
UMKC Basketball
UMKC Team High/Low Analysis (as of Mar 27, 2015)
All Games
Points90MISSOURI S&T (11/19/14)
Field Goals Made31MISSOURI S&T (11/19/14)
Field Goal Attempts63WILLIAM JEWELL (11/29/14)
Field Goal Percentage.492 (31-63)WILLIAM JEWELL (11/29/14)
3 PT Field Goals Made11UTAH VALLEY (02/26/15)
3 PT Field Goals Attempted27UTAH VALLEY (02/26/15)
3 PT Field Goal Percentage.476 (10-21)at Indiana State (12/28/14)
Free Throws Made29GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY (02/28/15)
Free Throws Attempts39NEB.-OMAHA (12/13/14)
Free Throw Percentage.853 (29-34)GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY (02/28/15)
Rebounds43at Missouri (11/14/14)
Assists17TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN (02/05/15)
Steals16NEB.-OMAHA (12/13/14)
Blocked Shots8at Indiana State (12/28/14)
Turnovers19at Indiana State (12/28/14)
Fouls25MISSOURI S&T (11/19/14)
UMKC Basketball
UMKC Team High/Low Analysis (as of Mar 27, 2015)
All Games
Opponent - GAME HIGHS
Points83at K-State (11/17/14)
Field Goals Made30TENNESSEE TECH (12/22/14)
Field Goal Attempts63at Missouri (11/14/14)
Field Goal Percentage.583 (28-48)at K-State (11/17/14)
3 PT Field Goals Made10vs Seattle University (03/13/15)
3 PT Field Goals Attempted24UTAH VALLEY (02/26/15)
3 PT Field Goal Percentage.600 (9-15)vs Samford (11/23/14)
Free Throws Made25NEW MEXICO STATE (02/07/15)
Free Throws Attempts30at South Dakota State (12/06/14)
Free Throw Percentage.862 (25-29)NEW MEXICO STATE (02/07/15)
Rebounds45TENNESSEE TECH (12/22/14)
Assists20at Canisius (12/30/14)
Steals12NEB.-OMAHA (12/13/14)
Blocked Shots9at South Dakota State (12/06/14)
Turnovers29MISSOURI S&T (11/19/14)
Fouls30MISSOURI S&T (11/19/14)
UMKC Basketball
UMKC Team High/Low Analysis (as of Mar 27, 2015)
All Games
Field Goals Made16at New Mexico State (01/10/15)
Field Goal Attempts44CAL STATE BAKERSFIELD (01/22/15)
Field Goal Percentage.316 (18-57)CHICAGO STATE (01/17/15)
3 PT Field Goals Made3GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY (02/28/15)
3 PT Field Goals Attempted15at Milwaukee (12/01/14)
3 PT Field Goal Percentage.143 (3-21)TENNESSEE TECH (12/22/14)
Free Throws Made7at Miami University (01/03/15)
Free Throws Attempts10at Miami University (01/03/15)
Free Throw Percentage.464 (13-28)vs Samford (11/23/14)
Rebounds19at Cal State Bakersfield (02/21/15)
Assists6at Youngstown State (11/26/14)
Steals4at Miami University (01/03/15)
Blocked Shots0at New Mexico State (01/10/15)
Turnovers7at Utah Valley (01/31/15)
Fouls14at New Mexico State (01/10/15)
UMKC Basketball
UMKC Team High/Low Analysis (as of Mar 27, 2015)
All Games
Opponent - GAME LOWS
Points45TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN (02/05/15)
Field Goals Made16at Chicago State (02/14/15)
Field Goal Attempts41vs Samford (11/23/14)
Field Goal Percentage.347 (17-49)WILLIAM JEWELL (11/29/14)
3 PT Field Goals Made3TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN (02/05/15)
3 PT Field Goals Attempted11TENNESSEE TECH (12/22/14)
3 PT Field Goal Percentage.158 (3-19)TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN (02/05/15)
Free Throws Made5at Cal State Bakersfield (02/21/15)
Free Throws Attempts8at Seattle University (02/18/15)
Free Throw Percentage.500 (8-16)at Missouri (11/14/14)
Rebounds29at K-State (11/17/14)
Assists8at New Mexico State (01/10/15)
Steals3vs Seattle University (03/13/15)
Blocked Shots0SEATTLE UNIVERSITY (01/24/15)
0WILLIAM JEWELL (11/29/14)
2at Grand Canyon University (01/29/15)
Turnovers10at Seattle University (02/18/15)
Fouls11at Miami University (01/03/15)