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UMKC Hosts Annual Champions Banquet to Honor Student-Athletes
UMKC Athletics 5-2-2018
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The UMKC athletic department hosted its annual Champions Banquet on Tuesday night at Pierson Auditorium on the UMKC campus where it recognized the achievements of its student-athletes over the 2017-18 season.

The event kicked-off by honoring the 48 graduating student-athletes and the 3.31 cumulative GPA by the over 230 student-athletes.  Overall, there were a total of 92 scholar-athletes who hold a 3.5+ cumulative GPA.

Next, Director of Athletics Carla Wilson spoke of the athletic accomplishments during the season, including five conference championships and eight players of the year or conference champions.

Next was the award portion of the ceremony with track and field and cross country’s Bryce Miller claiming the Above and Beyond Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a UMKC student-athlete from the athletics department.

The Circle of Champion winners, meanwhile, presented to the best overall male and female athlete, were given to women’s soccer’s Lexie Howard and men’s tennis’ Airam Castellano.

Other honorees included:

Rookies of the Year: Yana Grechkina (Women’s Tennis) and Tom Kruse (Men’s Tennis)

Dr. Henry A Mitchell/People-To-People: Reighan Childers (Women’s Soccer)

David B. Milner: Aries Washington (Women’s Basketball)

Lester Milgram: Noah Knight (Men’s Basketball)

Lee Hunt: Broderick Robinson (Men’s Basketball)

Stan Durwood Award: Nick Auer (Men’s Golf) and Daiwa Emmert (Women’s Track and Field)

George W. Mansfield UMKC Junior Golf Ambassadors Scholarship Endowment: McCain Schellhardt (Men’s Golf)

David B Hendricks II: Maddi Cipolla (Women’s Soccer) and Marcus Johnson (Men’s track and Field and Cross Country)

Sam Davidson: Hayden Burnett (Women’s Soccer) and Ruth Fiander (Women’s Soccer)

Chip Bloch (Block) Scholarship in Memorial to Wheadon “Chip” Bloch: Steve Dulley (Men’s Basketball)

Dutton Brookfield Scholarship Fund: Christopher Bryan (Track & Field), Mia Jerman (Cross Country and Track and Field), Lexie Howard (Women’s Soccer) and Liz Mann (Women’s Soccer)

Keith and Sammy Schreiman Athletics Endowment I: Antoine Precheur (Men’s Soccer) and Christian Anderaos (Men’s Soccer)

Keith and Sammy Schreiman Athletics Endowment Number II: Kaleb Roy (Men’s Basketball)

The Kenneth L. and Eva S. Smith Foundation Fund: Celine Lim (Women’s Golf)

The Bill Ross Scholarship for UMKC Intercollegiate Athletics: Francois Lagraulet (Men’s Golf)

Jim and Sally Job Scholarship Fun: Marco Smith (Men’s Basketball) and Aleer Leek (Men’s Basketball)

Judge Jack and Beverly Gant Athletics Scholarship: Bryce Miller (Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field) and Abby Small (Women’s Soccer)

Charles and Kay Hanson Athletics Scholarship: Cyrielle Kern (Women’s Golf)

Cynthia Joy Gabel Memorial Endowment Fund: Halle Hamilton (Women’s Soccer) and Sydney Garcia (Softball)

Stanley H. Durwood Athletics Scholarship: Olivia Fluehr (Softball) and Victor Olorunfemi (Men’s Soccer)

Guy H. Bailey II Memorial Scholarship: Carly Janike (Women’s Soccer)

UMKC Athletics Foundation Intercollegiate Athletics Scholarship: Lachlan Moore (Men’s Cross Country and Track and Field), Andra O’Brien (Softball) and Ashlin O’Brien (Softball)

Ralph B. and Rolaine J. Anderson Athletics Scholarship I & II: Xavier Bishop (Men’s Basketball), Kaleb Roy (Men’s Basketball) and Kristen Moore (Women’s Basketball)

AMC Theatres Scholarship: Traezon Henderson (Men’s Track and Field) and Tyrecia Lukes (Volleyball)

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