Welcome to the UMKC Compliance Corner!

The University of Missouri-Kansas City Athletics Compliance Office is a department that works to ensure that all coaches, administrators, student-athletes and boosters understand and remain in compliance with all the NCAA rules and regulations.  In order for UMKC Athletics to continue to follow the rules of the NCAA and The WAC, it is key to ask questions frequently. The compliance staff takes all questions seriously and works to answer all questions within a 24-48 hour time frame, depending upon the complexity of the question and the involvement of the league and NCAA offices. Working to provide a solution is one of the responsibilities of the compliance office on a day-to-day basis.

The UMKC compliance office is confident that coaches, administrators, student-athletes and boosters are complying with the NCAA and The Summit League rules and regulations.  It is the responsibility of each to be familiar with the different bylaws.  In order to assist in this education, compliance provides rules education meetings to staff monthly.  It is important that each individual involved in Intercollegiate Athletics maintain competency with respect of knowledge of the rules within The Summit League and the NCAA. This website is designed to provide quick links to different resources that may assist in the development of knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. 

This website is also designed to provide a quick guide in complying with rules. The compliance staff strongly supports the phrase “ASK BEFORE YOU ACT”.  If uncertain and in doubt, we encourage you to contact your complaince office, so that the proper assistance and solution may be provided.

Thank you for helping to remain committed to complying with the NCAA office and The Summit League!


Questions Regarding Rules?

We would like to answer your questions. If you have any questions regarding NCAA rules and how they affect boosters and student-athletes, please contact:

Robert Greim
Manager of Compliance
201 Swinney Recreation Center
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

Phone: (816) 235-1164
FAX: (816) 235-1035
Email: greimr@umkc.edu