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Athletic Academic Advising

Athletic Academic Advising Overview:

Athletic Academic Advising at UMKC is a collaborative process between the student-athlete and their advisors leading to an exchange of information that encourages students to make responsible academic and career decisions. Student-athletes receive advising from two important sources: academic advisor (campus) and athletic advisor.

Academic Advisor:

UMKC assigns student-athlete to a college or departmental advisor, known as your Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor guides you through the academic requirements of the University, and will assist you with the selection of courses and choosing a major. If you change majors, the University will assign you to a new Academic Advisor. SASSO requires that you meet with your Academic Advisor on campus twice per year to fill out an Athletic Academic Degree Projection Form.

Athletic Advisor:

SASSO assigns you an Athletic Advisor, with whom you will discuss your progress towards your degree, course selection and major selection. In addition, you will discuss strategies that will assist you in balancing athletics, academics and personal commitments. Athletic Advisors are the experts with issues of NCAA academic eligibility and how academic procedures affect the uniqueness of the life of a student-athlete. Student athletes should meet with Athletic Advisors on a frequent basis to verify progress toward degree requirements, grade results, and travel/practice implications for courses.

While both campus Academic Advisors and SASSO Athletic Advisors support student athletes, the ultimate responsibility for knowing requirements and deadlines rests with the student athletes themselves.

  • Ursula Gurney, SRC 250, 816-235-5093
  • Amelia Howard, SRC 249, 816-235-5763 

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