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SASSO Services Overview and Mission:

It is the mission of the Student-Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO) to provide a variety of educational support to ensure student-athletes acquire the tools to meet their academic, professional and personal goals. SASSO provides a comprehensive support unit which includes, but is not limited to the following services: academic counseling, academic mentoring, degree and NCAA eligibility monitoring, assessment, tutoring, computer access, academic and individual skill development, individualized study plans, a comprehensive Summer Bridge Program, academic workshops, knowledge of on-campus resources and Life Skill development.

Tutoring Program:

SASSO offers a comprehensive tutoring program available to all student-athletes.  SASSO employs undergraduate and graduate student tutors to provide assistance in a variety of academic areas.  The mission of the tutoring program is to provide subject-specific support and assistance to any student-athlete with equal access for all sports.  All SASSO tutoring takes place in study hall, SRC 251.

Most tutoring sessions are a one-on-one meeting with a tutor and student-athlete; however, group tutoring sessions are also available.  The SASSO tutoring program serves as an additional support for course material but does not supplement for class attendance. The primary focus of tutoring is the teaching of skills and strategies that support independent learning.  SASSO Tutoring services are a privilege and may be revoked if abused.

  • Subjects Available for Request: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, English, History, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Education, Philosophy, Physics, Spanish.

  • How to Request a Tutor: Student-athletes can request a tutor by filling out a Tutor Request Form located in SRC 251 and 249.  Any request form needs to be filled out completely with the class number, student-athlete availability and contact information.  All forms need to be returned to the Assistant Director of Academic Support in SRC 249.  Requests will be filled based on availability and subject.

  • Apply to be a Tutor: Tutors employed through SASSO are highly qualified individuals who possess proven academic backgrounds, foster independent learning and uphold academic integrity at all times.  All SASSO tutors are current undergraduate or graduate UMKC students.  If you are interested in applying for a tutoring position, either submit your resume to our job posting on the UMKC Handshake webpage or email your resume to Amelia Howard at

Campus Resources:

There may be times and occasions where there is not a tutor available for a specific course.  If this is the case, the Assistant Director of Academic Support will find a campus resource that offers tutoring for that class (i.e. Language Lab, Science and Math Resource Center, Writing Center).  Student-athletes are also encouraged to speak with their professor or a department faculty member about academic resources.  A list of academic and campus resources can be found here.

Mentoring Program:

The Mentoring Program consists of student-athletes that enter college academically under-prepared or with social and/or academic challenges.  The goal of the Mentoring Program is to help the individuals who have been placed in this program to become confident, successful, independent learners.  Student-athletes in the Mentoring Program meet each week with their academic mentor to track academic progress and learn specific skill instruction.  Examples of skill instruction include:

  • Time Management and Organization
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Note Taking Strategies
  • Completing Research
  • Reading Textbooks

Learning Specialist:

In addition to our Tutorial and Mentoring Programs, SASSO's Learning Specialist Program  provides educational support to student-athletes who have a documented learning disability and/or ADHD.  The Learning Specialist helps students assess academic strengths and weaknesses and develop individual education plans.  Through the administration of screening tests and evaluation of results, they recognize the root causes of learning disabilities and the concerns of under-prepared students and how these affect their classroom performance.  They work with student-athletes in individual sessions to overcome learning concerns and build essential academic skills necessary to allow independent learning.  The Learning Specialists also serves as the Liaison with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities and the UMKC Counseling and Testing Center to arrange disability accommodations which are based on each student's needs. 

Transition Program:

The Transition Programming is offered to all incoming freshman and transfer student-athletes. It is designed to assist student-athletes in their transition from high school or junior college to UMKC and collegiate level athletics. It focuses on topics such as study skills, note taking, reading, college level writing, major and career exploration, mental wellness, and sports nutrition.

Academic Workshops:

SASSO provides academic skill workshops to its student-athletes.  These workshops are designed to help student-athletes gain practical skills to be successful in the classroom and in their transition to college athletics.  Some topics include:

  • Learning Styles
  • Memory Tips
  • Communication with Faculty
  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Focus Skills
  • Managing Stress
  • Test Anxiety

Workshops are offered each month and can be offered at an individual team's request.  All workshops are conducted by a SASSO staff member. 

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