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2008-09 Hall of Fame Class (Inaugural Class)
2009-10 Hall of Fame Class
2010-11 Hall of Fame Class
2011-12 Hall of Fame Class
2012-13 Hall of Fame Class 
2013-14 Hall of Fame Class
2014-15 Hall of Fame Class 
2015-16 Hall of Fame Class


To pay tribute to former student-athletes, coaches, administrators and contributors who through the years have brought recognition and glory to the University of Missouri – Kansas City and its Athletics programs, and who continue to demonstrate in their daily lives the core values learned while participating in or contributing to intercollegiate athletics. 

1.         A student-athlete must have earned an undergraduate degree.  
2.         A student-athlete must earn at least two varsity letters in one sport, a single letter in multiple sports, or have brought great recognition to UMKC through their athletic accomplishments in order to be considered. 
3.         A student-athlete must at least earn athletic All-Conference and/or All-District/All-Region status or academic All-American status.
4.         A student-athlete or team is eligible to be considered for induction following a minimum of five years from the student-athlete’s last year of eligibility or team’s year of competition. 
5.         Coaches and administrators will be judged based on their impact on their program and the entire Athletics Department, record of success during their tenure, and student-athlete graduation successes. 
6.         Contributors will be judged on their overall impact on UMKC Athletics. 
7.         No more than eight former student-athletes, one coach or administrator, one contributor and one team may be selected to the Hall of Fame in a single year.  No more than two student-athletes from the same sport may be inducted in the same year.  The number of inductees per year is at the discretion of the Hall of Fame Committee. 
8.         Any member serving on the Hall of Fame Committee cannot be considered eligible for induction during his/her term. 
9.         A team must have won a conference regular season title and/or a conference tournament title, have made a significant showing in national postseason competition, or have made a significant historical impact on the program.
10.       The Early Era category includes student-athletes and teams that finished competition 30 years from the date of the Hall of Fame selection meeting.

All former letter winners that meet the eligibility requirements are considered.  Nominations are not accepted, but information sent on an eligible athlete’s behalf will be presented to the Hall of Fame Committee.  Materials can be sent to UMKC Athletics Hall of Fame, 5100 Rockhill Road, 201 SRC, Kansas City, MO64110. 

The annual Hall of Fame class selection will be presided over by the Hall of Fame Committee.  The Hall of Fame Committee will be made up of the Director of Athletics, Senior Woman Administrator, Associate Director of Athletics for Development, Sports Information Director, the Chair of the Athletics Foundation Board, a representative from the Former Student-Athlete Association, and a representative member of the Hall of Fame. The Former Student-Athlete Association representative and the Hall of Fame member representative shall serve a two-year term, and may be re-appointed by the Director of Athletics for one additional two-year term.

The Hall of Fame Committee will be presented a slate of all eligible candidates by the Sports Information Director.  The Hall of Fame Committee may also nominate former coaches, administrators, and contributors by requesting that the Sports Information Director place an individual on the ballot.  The Hall of Fame Committee will meet in August and cast their votes for no more than eight former student-athletes, one coach or administrator, one contributor and one team. 

Voting shall be based upon the following:
1).  The athlete’s participation while attending UMKC.
2).  His or her contributions to the team and sportsmanship.
3).  Accomplishments after leaving the University.

Voting shall be based on merit only and never of a political nature. 

Nominees will be inducted into the Hall of Fame upon receiving a majority of votes from the Hall of Fame committee.  If more than 2 former student-athletes from the same sport receive a majority of votes, only the 2 receiving the most votes will be inducted.  If more than 8 former student-athletes, 1 coach or administrator, and/or 1 contributor receives a majority of votes, a second ballot will be sent from the Sports Information Director to narrow the induction class to the stated limits. 

The results of the selection will be released to the general public by the Sports Information Director once each inducted member is notified.

The Hall of Fame class will be honored by the Athletics Department in a manner befitting this honor. 

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