Tennis Eurotrip Blog: Day 2
UMKC Athletics 1-10-2017
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By Matheus Rohde

BARCELONA, Spain – On the second day of the Roos Euro trip, we started by visiting the Palau Nacional (Catalan for National Palace), built in 1926. The 91-year-old structure is currently host of the National Art Museum. Later on, the Roos went on to visit the Olympic Park where the 1992 Olympics took place. The main stadium was used until 2009 by soccer club Espanyol, but is nowadays used as an interactive exhibition. The guests get to experience the taste of playing a few sports such as shooting, archery, boxing, mini-soccer and even wheelchair racing in an Olympic scenery. As athletes, it was very exciting for us to experience simulating a sport in an Olympic stadium.

Afterward, we followed to see the Montjuic castle. An ancient castle built in the 18th century. It survived many battles and wars and was the home for several kings. It was delightful to be standing in a building with such rich history. The enthusiasm was enhanced by the splendid view we had on top of the castle. Since it’s located on a hill, it offered a 360-degree view of Barcelona, probably the best view you can get of the city. The marvelous scenery held proof as to why Barcelona is the third most visited city in Europe. The second part of the day was filled with action. The ‘Roos went to Real Club de Tenis to play with some of the local athletes. The Kangaroos brought their eminent intensity and competitiveness and were met to standards by the Spanish players, which yielded into high level tennis, competition and great companionship.

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